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 Myth:tfl / Myth:sb into Marathon with Aleph-One 
last update: 30 oktober 2004
 mad modeling for marathon  

Aleph-One seems to be sliding into oblivion, no new updates nor signs of development.
I made a gamble upon using A1 to put 3D-models into it with DimAnimator. My backup-plan is to create content for Dimension3 itself, a modern game-worldbuilder (in development).
As of now the following is not suited anymore for A1, if you can make it work, more power to you. I'm changing my horse's track to new horizons.
Yes, I'm still charmed by Marathon, Myth, Halo and whatnot bungie, so who knows what will
pop up.

For the brave and beyond despair:
Models made in Meshwork, boned and textured: BOB_development, Enforcer, Flickta, Hulk, Hunter, MADD, Pfhor, Player_development, Potatoanus, Shpt, SphtKr, Tick and Trooper
Marathon_mesh+txtr.zip 700kb

 Marathon: Aleph One 

How to:

 Chris' MML Library 

 3D-static model building 

 3D-animated model building 

 Bridges & Balconies Tutorial 
checklist in progress

imagelist in progress
DimAnimator 10d3 version 1.0 dim3v1FC3 (8-09-2004). is out.
This version is promised to be backwards compatible from now on. So my older (and crappier animations) need to be redone allover.

Inf_3Dpfhor-demo: One-level-demo of three 3D-monsters in AlephOne (included crappy animations) 4.2 mb \ OS9 tested...
[teh download] iMac 400 or better helps...

DimAnimator is part of Dimension3 which has (a small forum at idevgames.com. Go visit! [status:up ↑]

 Who? Aleph-One is still in (steep) progress, the possibilities are awesome and a tad befuddling. So it needs content.
 What? Spnkrghol is dual purpose, a place for presenting spnkrghol (SOON more) and a gathering of Aleph-One arcane how-to's
How-to's are NOT about developing and/or programming but about how to put the (current) A1-possibilities to use in laymen's terms, all and everything spelled out, ready for copy and paste.
 Why? I'll start screaming when I have to flesh-out a mml-programline. But copy/paste, yessir, I can do that. Besides the obvious self-interest, I really hope to help people with this particular aspect and see lots of awesome scenario's in return.
So... say you're doing the 3d-model thinghy for Marathon... I wouldn't mind to add a nice link to yer project...

 It all started with a ghôl More precise, it started with endless playing Marathon and Myth, then creating, squeezing and editing maps and levels far beyond recognition, just for the sheer fun of it.
So out of curiousity, I pasted the ghol-bitmaps into the tick-sequences, lo and behold, ghol clobbering time! This was around 1998...
Spnkrghol is a long time-spanning project, occasionaly on hold, sometimes a frantic blur of editing-frenzy. I was happily copying/pasting away when Bungie moved over to Redmond, threw the Marathon-source to the masses and sold the rights of Myth to Take2...
So, hereforth and included whence implied, spnkrghol is just a fan-dedicated, utterly non-commercial glue-fest. All in the fine spirit of years of editing, perverting and mangeling the great games Bungie delivered. (This does exclude Myth-III, which is not used for spnkrghol anyway)
The life-span of these games were greatly enhanced by the editing tools provided by Bungie, and a lot of people have put their own efforts to even more editing tools. I salute you all!
Anyway, just when I managed to stuff most of Myth's bitmaps into Marathon, Aleph One took off. The limits of the old Marathon-game suddenly were gone, and a lot of new fascinating possibilites peeked over the horizon. (With a lot of new culprits, dead-ends and traps...) Alas, my patience has broken, and am now resetting spnkrghol to Dimension3
work in progress:
the Marathon Marine

possible multyplayer flavours

typical 2-parts model of player

desktop image (models on the topright) 1024x768
When the modeling is done and the monsters are behaving satisfying, they will be available for download, both the files to play them in Aleph-One/Dimension3 (Shapes/Physics/MML-code and xml-files) and the 'art'files to edit them in MeshWork and Photoshop. Aka, it's done when it's done...

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 spnkrghol before slacking 

animation try-out (2.7 mb)