e0-stuff in progress
last change somewhere: 25 may '05

www.raven-blue.com/sairyx/e0 e0 (engine/Zero) is a FPS-game, build from the ground up by Lewis Hosie to kick/replace/complement Marathon / Aleph-One into the Age of the Fruitbat. He asked about content, I was trying to get 3d-stuff into AlephOne. A1 used Dimension3's animation module but it got whitled away because the Dim3-project has a much faster rate in development than A1 could keep up. (Take note: As Far As I Know!!)

So I'm bullying and forcing lowpoly 3d-monsters based on the game Marathon into e0, while driving Lewis insane with computercrushing content. e0 has a more brute-force way with handling 3d-meshes, it interpolates them, while Dim3 has a bones-editor to animate. I'm happier with e0 because it allows per 3d-mesh tweaking per vertex AND Meshwork has already a bones-editor in it.

This is already a global-spanning effort, he in Melbourne, me in Rotterdam :)
Public downloads... SooN™, unless you LIKE pain alpha-testing in which case you can download temporarily content-stuff here (22mb, NOT a game, just a showroom..., latetst: May 25-05), the application e0 itself you have to catch around e0-site

e0_3d_monsterchecklist (huge table with ingame data)
load of random screenshots
another load of random screenshots